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Maniar & Co is looking to hire a new Director of Marketing and Sales to head the Marketing and Sales Division. Develop a clear, measurable, and achievable marketing mix strategy that focuses on promoting the business and its brand. Head marketing and sales team. Develop, design and execute a product-focused promotional material that supports sales team in their sales efforts. Work closely with engineering, production and other cross functional teams. Identify both short-term and long-term marketing challenges and potential solutions for the company. Develop and manage relationships with clients, governments, external stakeholders and suppliers to assist the execution of marketing & sales strategy. Lead and/or contribute actively on the market research program of the company. Develop and mentor a strong team of marketing & sales representatives who is motivated, focused, organized and professional oriented. PERSONAL SKILLS AND ATTRIBUTES:- A mentality for being a self-starter with strong personal motivation, excitement, perseverance, and entrepreneurial mindset. Demonstrated excellent interpersonal and communication skills that have previously resulted into sustainable personal and business relationships. Ability to represent company with the highest level of professionalism at various government, client, and competitive levels. Demonstrated leadership and management style. Ability and motivation to effectively work under pressure and imperfect circumstances with a focus on achieving results for the company. Attribute of being solution-oriented and focus on improving situations regardless of intensity of problems or issues. REQUIRED QUALIFICATIONS:- Minimum of 10-15 years of full time relevant work experience and a successful track record. A bachelor’s degree, MBA in marketing preferred. Ability to lead projects and work across functions with marketing, sales and engineering. Proven track record of managing 10+ direct reports. Experience in developing dealer network a plus. Proven track record of good relationship with municipalities, corporations, governments and semi-governments. Experience working in mid-size and large companies a plus. Good communication skills, dynamic and confident, ability to handle complex situations. If you think you are the right person for this job, Please email a copy of your resume to or

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