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Aerial Work Platform
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Aerial Work Platform

Designed and manufactured to the highest quality and safety standard the SkyMan A-11 is the leading edge in mobile access platform with a 11mtrs. height and two man capacity provides cost effective means of working a height or over obstacles. Hydraulically operated stabilizers allowing quick & convenient positioning and setup, whilst articulated booms quickly place the three men basket into position. All hydraulic systems are of a fail- safe design, with lock valves on all rams to protect against hose failure & also emergency hand-pump to enable stowing of hydraulic pump/ engine failure. A fiberglass cage is insulated to 600V (tested up to 2200V). The equipment is used for street light maintenance.



Pay mode:COD only

Suction cum jetting (combination machine)
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Suction cum jetting (combination machine)

The truck mounted combined suction-cum-jetting unit is capable of desilting and dechoking civil/industrial drains and sewer lines of diameters 200 mm to 900 mm and more.. De-choking and de-silting of the sewer and drain water lines and chambers will be carried out by the High Pressure Jetting System working on the principal of hydrodynamic cleaning by injecting high pressure water into the lines through a suitably dimension sewer jetting hose and special cleaning nozzles. Aspiration of the effluent from sewer and drain water lines and chambers will be carried out on the principle of generating high vacuum in the sludge compartment for siphoning out effluents, liquids slurry, sludge and other materials from depths of about approximately 6 to 7 meters, depending on the specific gravity of the effluent. The equipment will extract the sludge and slurry under high vacuum through a suction hose connected to the tank by a quick release hose coupling. The contents of the sludge tank will then be transported to any desired destination for disposal and emptied by means of gravity/pressure discharge.



Pay mode:COD only


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